Why become a SNAP NP?

SNAP by Salubrious Nurse Practitioners is a Professional Limited Liability Company founded out of the state of Oklahoma by Nurse Practitioners. Our goal is to promote the Nurse Practitioner profession by enabling a modern platform to enable Virtual Visits within the states we operate out of.

Build a Practice

Within our platform, Nurse Practitioners that have been vetted and approved to use our platform have the ability to refer patients to the SNAP Virtual Visit app where a patient can locate them, favorite them, and when that patient needs to be seen, only the favorited provider will be notified that a patient is waiting to be seen. If they are your patients, we believe you should get to see them, always.

SNAP Virtual Visit Portal Costs

We utilize multiple technology advances that enable you to see the patient within the proprietary platform our Nurse Practitioners created for you. Once approved to use our platform, and once you have been on-boarded into our live portal, your cost is $40/month. It cost you absolutely nothing to create your provider profile and upload all documents needed to get you on-boarded and vetted. Only once you agree to become a SNAP NP in our live environment will this $40 monthly charge occur.


Our prescription platform is certified through SureScripts where you'll have access to 90+% of all U.S. pharmacies with integrated tools such as: patient medication history, medication cross-check review, and saving your favorite medications within your provider profile.

Indépendant Provider

Your role with SNAP by Salubrious NPs will be as a nationally board-certified and state-licensed Nurse Practitioner practicing independently. We will employ you as a contracted, self-employed provider with a 1099 tax status. If you practice within a State that is not Full Practice Authority, you will be responsible to ensure you have appropriate supervision.

Visit Earnings

You will earn $20/visit. Any and all discounts offered to patients will never affect your fee. All patient visits will be paid out monthly and electronically.

SNAP Virtual Visits E-Mail

You will be given a SNPSnap e-mail address which is needed to add you onto our patient portal customer service text tool. If there is ever a problem with a visit in which you are the provider, our Nurse Practitioner administration staff will try every effort to remedy the problem. In the event you are needed, we'll bring you into the chat conversation using your SNPSnap e-mail.

Malpractice Insurance

Each Nurse Practitioner is required to own their own policy for the State in which they are licensed and practicing as a Nurse Practitioner. We do not provide this. All of the information is needed to onboard you.

SNAP Virtual Visits Extra's

Your $40/month fee covers multiple expenses on our end. It covers your ability to use our ePrescribing platform. It also covers your required SNPSnap.com e-mail address. We also provide all NP's with SNAP business cards that can be reordered every three months for self-promotion within our SNAP portal.

Going from a NP Associate to a Salubrious Nurse Practitioner Member

We are a company owned and operated by Nurse Practitioners. We have created a model in which a 1099 contracted Nurse Practitioner can become an ownership-member with Salubrious Nurse Practitioners, in which SNAP Virtual Visits falls under. With a goal to remain privately owned, without outside influences, we believe that Nurse Practitioners can control our own destiny in the Healthcare delivery market and we are dedicated to this endeavor.

SNAP NP Vetting/Onboarding Process.

Becoming a SNAP NP is a three step-process. By clicking the link below, you will initiate a vetting procedure for our Chief Operating Nurse Practitioner. After completing this short professional background form, you'll be given instructions to then start the onboarding process within our SNAP Provider Portal.

Within our SNAP Provider Portal, you may be asked for some similar information previously provided, but the two Portals are not integrated so we'll need some slight duplication of information.

Finally, after these steps are completed, you'll need to be prepared to submit the final online form (a link will be provided after Step 1 & 2 completed) that will require you to have access to and upload all proper documentation to complete your onboarding process to include DEA certificate, State Licensure, National Certification, Malpractice Insurance Documentation, etc.

This process may take 10-15 minutes to complete. After all steps are completed and we have been able to execute all vetting requirements, you will be notified on your status within the SNAP Provider Portal.

Not all providers are given access to our SNAP Provider Portal as we try to maintain an even NP coverage to meet the patient demand based on each State we operate in.

We do keep all SNAP NP applicants that have been vetted but not needed on inactive status however and can activate you (with prior approval by you if your interest is still there) which will then start the process of final onboarding which includes web portal education, integrating you into all communication platforms SNAP Virtual Visits uses, and some final contract documents we'll need executed (contract, nondisclosure agreements, etc.).