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Board certified Nurse Practitioners in all medical specialties available on demand, 24/7/365 for Virtual Visits. We're dedicated in reducing your healthcare spend while keeping your employees healthy, happy, and satisfied

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Why SNAP Virtual Visits?

We are not held captive to insurance companies or large healthcare systems with secondary interests. We are privately owned by Nurse Practitioners...we answer to the patients and our business clients while saving everyone money on healthcare costs at the same time. A Win-Win.

Redefining Access

Multi-state coverage (CO, OK, NM, MN, and TX) with board certified Nurse Practitioners and 24/7/365 availability, with an average wait time under 5 minutes.

Reducing Cost

SNAP Virtual Visits can treat 90% of the conditions most commonly seen in the Urgent Care or ER's, significantly reducing your healthcare spend.

Experience the Concierge Model

Upgrade how your employees view their healthcare benefits. No more downtime sitting in waiting rooms.

SNAP Cost Calculator

Calculate your estimated employer-sponsored monthly SNAP platform cost.
SNAP by Salubrious Nurse Practitioners presents both to you as the employer and your employees a method of saving healthcare spend while providing a cost-efficient alternative to traditional healthcare plans

This plan covers the employee only
One monthly covered Virtual Visit. Unused Virtual Visits will not rollover into following month(s).








The projected costs and savings provided are estimates based on the average cost associated with cash-pay (A) competitior virtual visits, (B) urgent care visits, and (C) primary care provider visits. Retention is based on national published studies surveying a 22% employee loss due to lack of medical coverage. Actual costs and savings may differ based on further company healthcare needs and review. Estimates are based on averages and could be inaccurate based on multiple variable inclusions.

Evidenced-Based Results In Action

White Papers

Integrating Virtual Visits Into the Workforce.

Causal links between patient engagement with a platform that disrupts 'standard' patient-provider interactions.

Case Studies

How Medical Virtual Visits with Licensed Medical Providers Improves the Access, Care, and Compliancy with Patients

Telemedicine is a relatively new concept to the healthcare field.
Enlisting a medical virtual visit platform has distinct and clear advantages.

Collaborative Business Partnerships

Partnering with micro, small, and medium-sized progressive companies, SNAP Virtual Visits has enabled those businesses the ability to offer a healthcare benefit previously out of fiscal reach for them. Covered employees are happy. Healthy employees work!


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EMPLOYERS can manage business information, obtain employee marketing material, download SNAP VV service distribution resources, manages employees, and obtain product utilization guides.

EMPLOYEES can see what benefits their employer has extended to them and make any personal changes.

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Our goal is to support micro, small, medium, and large businesses with the same level of support and care equally to all.

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